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America in Flames

The three books of the first trilogy for The Great Martian War – a continuation of HG Wells, War of the Worlds Taking place ten years after the original martian invasion as featured in HG Wells, War of the Worlds, this trilogy contains the books: Invasion, Breakthrough and Counterattack.  The United States reels under the invasion of […]

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Fires of Memory

The kingdoms of the east have forgotten magic and replaced it with science.  Now they need it more than ever… Fires of Memory is a fantasy novel set in a world where magic has been all but forgotten. In the East, science has replaced the wizards; muskets and cannons have replaced the swords and armor […]

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Latest News

New novel, Fires of Memory, is now available

Fires of Memory is a fantasy novel set in a world where magic has been all but forgotten. Civilization has reached level about equivalent in our world to the early 1700s. But when an old enemy rediscovers the ancient magic, he poses a threat to everything that has been built. You can get it through […]

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The Great Martian War: Counterattack! Now Available!

Well, after nearly a year, the writing, editing, formatting and fretting are done and the third volume in my Great Martian War series has been released. Just the e-book version, but the paperback will be out in another few weeks. I think it is a darn good story and nicely wraps up the first trilogy. […]

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Philcon is America’s oldest science fiction convention. 80 years old this year, I believe. My publisher, Winged Hussar Publishing will have a table there this weekend and I will be there to sign my books! If you are in the Philadelphia area, stop by!

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About the Author

Scott Washburn has been a science fiction and fantasy reader since the time he could first read. He grew up in a house filled with Heinlein, Tolkien, Niven, Asimov, Clarke and Piper stories left lying around by his father and two older brothers. He is also an avid reader of military history as well as a long-time wargamer and reenactor. So it is not surprising that when he started writing, his stories would be influenced by all of those things. Classic themes and a strong military flavor are common in his work.

Scott is an architectural designer by profession and even this factors into his stories because he demands solid plots which will stand up on their own. Solid characters are also a must in his work because he strongly believes that all stories must ultimately be about people rather than about places or things.