The Great Martian War: Counterattack! Now Available!

Well, after nearly a year, the writing, editing, formatting and fretting are done and the third volume in my Great Martian War series has been released. Just the e-book version, but the paperback will be out in another few weeks. I think it is a darn good story and nicely wraps up the first trilogy. The war isn’t over by any means, but as Churchill put it: ‘This isn’t the end, it’s not even the beginning of the end. But it is, the end of the beginning.’ 🙂

4 comments on “The Great Martian War: Counterattack! Now Available!

  1. Simon melling

    Hi Scott i just wanted to ask you a question about the re cover art for this book, i recently purchased this direct from Amazon uk and was sent a copy with a slightly diff looking cover which had a waxy feel to it and had more pages than the site listing. I realise now a new cover was issued but no expanation to the diff no of pages? Btw what i have read so far is fantastic!

    • scott Post author

      Hi Simon,

      The original cover was a makeshift stop-gap because the original artist cancelled at the last minute. We have since gotten a new artist to do a better cover. I don’t know why the page count is different. Glad you are enjoying my book!


  2. Luke Macey

    Hello Scott.

    Will there be any further books in this series?
    Have really enjoyed them all so far.

    Kind regards


    • scott Post author

      Hi Luke,

      Yes, more books are coming! ‘The Texas Front: Salient’ is due out in a month or so, and I am working on the first book in the second trilogy which looks at what’s going on in the world outside America. That should be out next spring. Glad you like my work.


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