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Genre: The Great Martian War Series

America in Flames

The three books of the first trilogy for The Great Martian War – a continuation of HG Wells, War of the Worlds Taking place ten years after the original martian invasion as featured in HG Wells, War of the Worlds, this trilogy contains the books: Invasion, Breakthrough and Counterattack.  The United States reels under the invasion of […]

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The Great Martian War: Counterattack!

Following the disastrous defeats of 1910, the Americans have fallen back to the line of the Mississippi River. This is the last natural barrier between the Martian invaders and the utterly vital—and vulnerable—cities of the east. To lose the Mississippi Line could well be to lose the war. The Martian commanders know this, as do […]

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The Great Martian War: Breakthrough

The second of the three-part series covering the opening salvo of the Great Martian Invasion. US forces recover from the initial shock of the Martian invasion of the South-west and attempt to set-up a defensive line along the Mississippi.

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The Great Martian War: Invasion

Following the initial Martian invasion on England, President Theodore Roosevelt tries to prepare the United States for the potential of another Martian incursion. As the possibility of another, stronger invasion is increasingly clear,

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